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July 2015:


Hello friends!

Thank you for the incredible support and I would love to give you an update in regard to my music adventures! Please find a link (below and on my 'LINKS' page) to Adam Norrie's website, promoting his newest album PROS AND CONS. You will find a snapshot of my charming self sitting in Studio 2 of Abbey Road (one of those ornery guys must have grabbed one!) and will also find information regarding the launch of the album and any tour dates. I am featured on the song 'Life's a Melody' and also made my contribution to the photographic art work on the site and album.

Enjoy and keep on creating!


With the recent development of something you may call "empty nest syndrome", I have been encouraged to finally begin my process of writing and recording. This experience, along with other bucket list items that I seem to be marking off lately, are all a part of this wonderful stage in my life as I watch my adult children find their way and I learn to be me, once again. I have recently been creatively writing outside of the Austin, Tx area, at the most incredibly inspirational yellow DOG Studios in Wimberley, Tx. 


In August of 2014, I was blessed with the opportunity to sing and record in Abbey Road Studios, London, and Chapel Studios, Lincolnshire, UK.


Never give up on your dreams.



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